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The Warren Hen

The Warren Hen

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Battery hens are bred to lay and lay they do. The Warren was developed for the battery egg production industry as they are simply lean laying machines. The first year is the most productive and they can provide up to 250-300 eggs.

The warren is a beautiful bird in a deep red colour. You will find that Warrens tend to be one of the cheapest and most obtainable of the breeds.

The ISA Warren is a hybrid chicken and a combination of pure breeds, bred together for a specific purpose and are often used as the battery hen as they are excellent providers of eggs. They are a lovely docile medium brown/ginger bird and an excellent layer, bred for maximum egg production and are ideally suited for free range conditions, and for small gardens and you should get approximately 325 brown eggs per year.

Warrens are a very people friendly docile bird and ideal for the first time hen keeper and for people with children. They love interaction with humans and are great fun and entertaining. You will always have company if you start digging in the garden with a Warren as they appear from no-where and literally sit on the shovel waiting for a worm to appear.

A lovely creature.


Columbian Black Tail

Columbian Blacktail

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These lovely hens have been made famous by Waitrose, who keep flocks of Columbian Blacktails on their farms and are proud to state on their egg boxes that the eggs are from a specific breed of hen. They are a chestnut coloured chicken with black tips to their tails and black flashes in their wings. Some also have a black necklace and a lace effect to their breast feathers.

Columbian Blacktails are a hybrid between a Rhode Island Red father and a hybrid mother of two strains of Light Sussex. Their black necklace is an obvious trait from the Light Sussex. Their consistent laying of light brown eggs, around 300 a year, comes from having a Rhode Island Red father. They are easy to manage and adapt well to the circumstances in which they find themselves. They suit a small garden group as well as a larger free ranging flock. They are hardy birds and are able to cope as well with the heat of the summer as they do with the mud and rain of winter. They have a good appetite and are NOT fussy eaters. They are a medium sized chicken and are hardy and docile with the benefit of laying a good size, strong shelled egg.

Columbian Blacktails are an ideal garden chicken. They are brown egg layers and are particularly well suited to the free range system of egg production.


Black Rhodes hen

Black Rhodes

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The Black Rhode hen is a hybrid bred from a Rhode Island Red cockerel cross Plymouth Barred Rock hen, and is the ideal free range hen laying top quality large brown eggs. Their heavy plumage makes them suitable for all climates and a high immunity to disease means good productivity over several seasons. This also makes them ideal for small scale and back garden poultry keepers where culling poultry is not a favoured option.

They are docile birds and as such are a good starter for the first time poultry keeper, often becoming family pets. It is possible to get 280+ quality brown eggs in the first year of lay. They are the 'ideal' free range hen, laying top quality large brown eggs. They are not de-beaked, and so are able to scratch and peck around happily and they will range as far as you will let them.

To get the best out of this hen feed them a good quality layers mash, (fed dry) and they require protein to create their eggs so if you give them a properly balanced laying ration it is possible to get 280+ quality brown eggs in the first year of lay. You can also expect a good quality shell and contents.



Light Sussex Hen

The Light Sussex

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The Sussex originated in the county of Sussex, hence the name and they were a prized table bird in the years before 1900 before being bred for egg laying. The original colours were brown, red and speckled and the Light Sussex today is still a very popular breed to keep and ideal for the back garden and free range. Bred to be a dual purpose bird it is one of the most productive breeds with the hen laying around 260 large eggs that are cream to light brown in colour annually.

The Sussex is one of the oldest breeds that are still in existence today. The Sussex chicken is an alert but docile breed that can adapt to any surrounding easily. They are good foragers and whilst they are quite happy to be free range, they will also be fine if kept in a confined space. They can occasionally, but not very often go broody.

The speckled is the most likely of the breed to do this. The colours found in Sussex chickens are brown buff, light red, speckled, silver and white. The Sussex chicken whatever its colour ia a graceful bird with red eyes in the darker varieties and orange in the lighter. They have a medium sized single comb. The earlobes are red and the legs and skin are white in every variety.

The brown and red varieties are rare now with the other colours being more common.


Bluebelle Hen

The Bluebell

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The Bluebell is a very attractive larger chicken in shades of light to dark grey and blue. They are a cross between a Maran and a Rhode Island Red. They are capable of laying approximately 260 plus eggs per year and the eggs are brown with an unusual 'plum' tint.